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 Dragon Decks

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PostSubject: Dragon Decks   Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:59 pm

In case you haven't realized this already by my name or Avatar, I fangasm over dragons Very Happy. So I decided to make a topic about Dragon Decks. Now before anything is said here's my Dragon deck.

Still not finished and I'm not gonna ask for advice, (unless anyone is willing to give advice in which case shot to kill.) I'm just giving a nice little starter area as to what Dragon decks can revolve around.

Most to all good dragon decks have Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. It's a 2800 monster that can Special Summon most Dragons from the grave. Of course there are plenty of ways to exploit this from Synchroing to swarming the field with a massive army of dragons that will burn everything in their way to ashes.

The Strength of a Dragon deck is swarming. Even though this isn't to the extent that other decks give, using REDMD can have you swarm the field rather easily with 2500 to 5000 ATK beatsicks that, as I said in the last paragraph, will burn everything they see to ashes. There are many different ways to go about doing this but it mostly revolves around Special Summoning REDMD in some way or another, most notably being Lightpulsar Dragon who uses it's effect to Special Summon REDMD from the grave.

There are many weaknesses to a dragon deck. The most notable I can think of is that Dragon decks revolve around Summoning monsters from your Graveyard which can be stoped in a rather large amount of ways From Gravekeeper to D.D decks, both of which completely remove your graveyard as a factor. Also, while REDMD is a key strength in any good Dragon Deck it's also the most exploitable weakness as a dragon deck is crippled without it being on the field and without the correct defense it's rather easy to get rid of. This is mitigated by Lightpulsar Dragon who as explained can Special Summon it when it's sent to the grave.

Ok that's about as much detail as I can give for a Dragon deck. Now this isn't my main deck (though I'd like to be D:) so I don't know everything about a Dragon deck. In fact I know my best friend has an even better dragon deck than me which, I'll admit, has hurt my pride D:. However, I do know at least some of the Strengths and weaknesses of a Dragon Deck. So lets discuss it to see if we can really put a Dragon deck into fruition Very Happy.
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Dragon Decks
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